No Conflict: Personalization and AI-Generated Review Responses

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3 min readDec 2, 2022
No Conflict: Personalization and AI-Generated Review Responses

The Debate Around Personalization and AI-Generated Review Responses

The use of automated assistance for review replies is a topic that is gaining traction in the hotel industry. Some general managers, guest relationship managers, or front office managers may be hesitant to embrace the concept of AI Review Reply Assistants because they take pride in crafting individualized responses to reviews. It’s important to note that this is a good thing and something we want to preserve. In this article, we will explore why personalization and AI-generated review responses should not be seen as contradictory but rather complementary.

Staying Connected With Guests Is Essential

At the end of the day, being attentive to guests, listening carefully to their feedback, and addressing their concerns should be at the core of hospitality service. Without such personalized care and attentiveness, hotels would become entirely self-service operations with little consideration for customer experience. As a hotel professional, you can learn about your guests’ needs and how you can offer them the best possible stay at your property with every touchpoint and interaction — whether it’s during check-in or through responding to guest reviews. Taking the time to engage with feedback from guests has financial payoffs as well — it shows potential customers that you are actively involved in delivering a positive experience even after guests have departed from your property.

Humans Still Need To Be Involved

It would be difficult for any robot or machine to capture what’s truly on your guests’ minds without human insight. In order to fully understand guest feedback and improve upon it, direct contact with each review is necessary; hands-off approaches are likely to leave out important information that could help enhance your business. MARA was designed specifically so that users must check answers suggested by our algorithm before they are published — although hyper-individualized replies can often go out as they are written by an AI assistant without much editing needed on behalf of users. We believe that staying connected with guest feedback is still important while also recognizing how powerful technology can be when it comes to saving time while crafting individual replies from scratch each time can be tedious work; thus why we created MARA in the first place!

Video about Personalization and AI-generated review replies

The Ideal Use Of MARA

MARA helps users craft more creative non-template responses quickly so that time isn’t wasted on repetitive work. The main reason behind why MARA can come up with personalized answers is its ability to “comprehend” original reviews no matter how complex they may seem; it doesn’t limit itself only recognizing one or two keywords like “friendly check-in” but instead extracts meaning from whatever content may appear in a review and responds accordingly. In this way, MARA allows users access insight into customer needs while also leaving room for personal touches within review replies so that customers feel acknowledged even after their stays have ended which ultimately has financial benefits for businesses too!


To conclude, allowing technology like MARA help craft individualized answers does not change our opinion about keeping contact with guests essential; if anything it strengthens it by making our lives easier oftentimes freeing up more time than initially through manual work — all while still staying connected with customers needs through thoughtful responses! To get an idea of how powerful our AI tool is first hand just take two minutes out of your day and register now (no credit card needed) without any setup required! You will receive 20 customized replies completely free of charge so you can see exactly what we mean when we discuss hyper-personalization versus automated assistance!

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