5 strategies to save time when replying to hotel reviews

Hotel managers can use templates or review management platforms to save time when responding to reviews, or they can use AI Review Reply Assistants. In addition, hotel managers can outsource review responses to specialized managed services.


What can I do to respond to reviews more efficiently?

As a general manager, front office manager or guest relationship manager of a hotel, it is important to respond to guest reviews in order to maintain a good relationship with guests. However, this task can sometimes be time-consuming and mentally demanding. There are some tips that can help save time when responding to hotel reviews.

These are the 5 strategies we came up with:

  1. Process improvements — improve your habits to speed up
  2. Templates — create a template library
  3. Review Management Platforms — answer to all reviews in one place
  4. AI Review Reply Assistants — Produce individual response suggestions in seconds
  5. Outsourcing — find a partner but make sure to not loose control
Overview of strategies for responding to reviews more efficiently

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